The one-stop budgeting reference guide 

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After 25 years of being in the tech business, we get it. Budgeting is tough. And Summit knows that having a well-planned budget is crucial to a company's success. This simple, useful guide to IT budgeting holds information about the challenges of creating a budget and offers options to help you gain more freedom in your financial plan. 

ebookbudget.pngInside the ebook:

Ch 1. Why Budgeting Matters - Regardless of company size or type, having a plan is vital. We cover the areas IT budgeting impacts.

Ch 2. The Challenges - Getting prepared means considering all the things that can go right... and wrong. When it comes to your budget, you definitely want to be ready for anything.

Ch 3. Creating a Solid Plan - Budgeting affects all aspects of a company. Here are some ways to coordinate and keep things organized. 

Ch 4. Stretching Your Dollar - If it always seems there's a shortage in your budgeting dollars, don't worry. There are several areas in which you can save.

Ch 5. Expect the Unexpected - Surprises are great for birthdays... not so much for budgets. However, you can set up safety nets to protect yourself when things don't go as planned.